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Brothers/Sisters I have started a routine to have a flat belly and to loose weight. Buy Protein Shake.   <<< Click To Buy     Made in USA  –  Shipped worldwide Take this once a day. To consume First thing in the morning. Two scoops in water . Buy Belly Trim           <<< Click…

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Drink Healthy

Lemon water + Turmeric (fat-burning tonic)

Drinks can be delicious and drinks can be refreshing, but did you also know certain drinks can straight up BURN FAT? It’s true, and even better my good friend and top nutritionist Joel Marion details the top 12 fat-burning drinks of all time in his brand new free report that you can download for free…

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Solar Eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 August 20th

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File name            	:DSCN4033.JPG
 File size            	:475.3KB (486719 bytes)
 Date and time        	:Sun, Jun 24, 2018 12:00:00 AM
 Image size           	:1280 x 960
 Resolution           	:72 x 72 dpi
 Number of bits       	:8 bits/channel
 Protection           	:Off
 Camera ID            	:N/A
 Model name           	:E995
 Quality mode         	:FINE
 Metering mode        	:Multi-pattern
 Exposure mode        	:Programmed auto
 Flash                	:Off
 Focal length         	:26.7 mm
 Shutter speed        	:1/32.4 seconds
 Aperture             	:F4.6
 Exposure compensation	:0.0 EV
 Fixed white balance  	:Auto
 Lens                 	:Built-in
 Flash sync mode      	:N/A
 Exposure difference  	:N/A
 Flexible program     	:N/A
 Sensitivity          	:Auto
 Sharpening           	:Auto
 Curve mode           	:N/A
 Color mode           	:Color
 Tone compensation    	:Auto
 Latitude(GPS)        	:N/A
 Longitude(GPS)       	:N/A
 Altitude(GPS)        	:N/A

Top 10 skin care tips

Healthy skin is really one of the most important ingredients for beauty-enhancement. This article on skin care tips is an effort to bring the 10 best skin care tips to you.  The list of skin care tips has been restricted to 10 because anything more that that would not only be difficult to remember, but…

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The Quiet Mind

Defining meditation in a few words can always be described as an uphill task. Still, the most realistic definition that can be given is that meditation is a state of mind and it will take you to a state where only consciousness and awareness will remain. When you remove all thoughts and imagination from your…

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swami rama

Incorporating the Ancient Practice of Meditation into Daily Life

A growing number of people are being managed medically for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. A lot of people are also diagnosed with mental problem. This is often attributed to the changing world in which we live in. Many people are looking for ways to deal with mounting stress that characterizes modern…

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13 Ways Men Can Improve Their Physical Fitness And Health

  Most of us are aware of the fact that we don’t always eat what we should and that exercise often takes a back seat to other seemingly more important things. However, the truth is, it is very important to take control of your physical fitness to make your quality of life better. There are…

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A friendly diet for your immune system

When you want to take care of your immune system you need to make sure that you are eating the right foods. You have to make sure that you are doing what you can to keep your immune system in order and on the right track.  The best thing that you can do is making…

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The 5 Commandments Of Smart Dieting

To really see best results from any diet plan you choose to use, you need to learn a few ‘diet commandments’. These are guidelines that must be followed if you are going to see superior results that will help propel you forward. Sadly, many people miss out on one or more of these and it…

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Sprouted Black Chick Peas

V Food – 5000 Year old Recipe for Excellent Health

  Have you ever asked your body what would it like to eat ?  Most of the time it would be different from what your mind wants to eat !  A recipe listed here is from the Vedas. It is essentially the same with some minor changes. Just imagine you will be eating a dish…

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