A Certified Law of Attraction Coach +  20 years read Vedic scriptures +  read  The Bible, Quran, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Guru Granth Sahib, Tao de Ching, Buddhist Sutras and what ever could give a different perspective.
I am a Sailor, Banker, Farmer and an Educator   in an ever ending quest to reach the …………..
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Phase One – 0 to 18 Years (1953 – 1971)
The planet received me on 24th May 1953, 5 days before the Mount Everest was conquered. Had a wonderful upbringing as an Army Brat as my father was  in the Air Force and we got posted every three years to a different city. In 1962 there was a period where we had to live in a village for 1 year. This was the same village I was was born in. During my entire stay there I do not recollect using or holding money of any kind – yet life was beautiful. I was sent to a boarding school in Grade 4th and was away from home till I finished my schooling in 1969. I joined T S Dufferin an officer training ship for the merchant marine – was one of the youngest in the batch at 16.5 years.. The training was completed in 1971 and I was ready for the world. This also ended my Phase 1 of my journey.
Phase Two – 18 – 36 Years (1971 – 1989)
in 1971 joined Shipping Corporation of India as an officer cadet. First Ship MV Barauni , a Ore Bulk and Oil Carrier. After my Second Mates Exam joined Texaco Tank Ships, London as a Junior officer, was with them till 1982. They downsized the fleet and had to let me go. Joined Mobil Oil Tankers as Chief officer and got my command on MV Mobil Engineer in 1984 and the last ship was MV Mobil Challenge which I left on 1989 Feb 22. During this phase I read all manner of religious and spiritual text from most of the religions.
This was a prosperous period where the money was abundant , house and car were paid off, no debt at all. I married in 1976 , had a daughter in 1979 and a son in 1988. My daughter was raised by my parents as the wife was mostly on the ship. We decided to immigrate to Canada with no job lined up but an abundant adventurous spirit. In 1989 April 21st we were in  Toronto ,Canada. This would end my Phase Two of my journey. During this phase I did a lot of reading and contemplation while on board ship. Started practicing meditation and reading the scriptures.
Phase Three – 36 – 56  Years (1989 – 2009)
Nice country new people exciting times. Lost all my savings I came with due to the slump in 1990’s and a wrong investment in mortgages. Tough times lay ahead and were overcome. I passed the mortgage brokers examination, was a self styled investment banker but got out of the slump when we stated NCE Inc. a money remittance company in 1994. We got licensed in California and became the best company in three years. We were also licensed by Government of India no mean achievement. A very good and an abundant ride, lost more money in stocks than I made in Phase Two, made enough to buy a nice house, marry my daughter gracefully and to put my son through 4 years of  private school. In 2005 diversified into the farming sector as it was my calculation that the Money Remittance companies would find it a struggle in the coming years. Due to regulations and the CAD and USD coming to parity we found it difficult to run the company profitably,  in 2009 we sold it to a New York venture capitalist company who wanted to buy the licence in California.
With all my quest for the spiritual knowledge and the truth, the journey was resumed in earnest in 2008. This was when I stumbled on The Tao de Ching by Lao Tzu. Read  the Hindu Scriptures about spirituality and tried to see it comparatively with all sources of information to date. My meditation and pranayama routines were regular and I could see the manifestations of real benefits.
This was the end of Phase Three of my journey.
Phase Four – 56 – 108 Years ( 2009 – 2061 )  Final Phase
Now I only had a part share in the Farming venture we had initiated in 2005 as my livelihood.  This farm had not been profitable since 2005 to 2010 but showed promise in the coming years.
In 2010 June to help out I decided to go to California and Florida to find a livelihood but other than interesting spiritual transformations nothing I could pin the picture on. On Nov 16th 2010 decided to go to India, where the growth rate of the economy was 8% per annum . Wanted to set up a commercial goat farm.
Spent the whole of 2011 in India, a different lifestyle, viewing life from a different perspective. It was a journey where self learning and learning from learned persons was the prime objective. It can be said I took a sabbatical for whole of 2011. During my lengthy meditations and pranayama routines I was in bliss most of the time.  I read 4 hours a day, meditated for another 4 hours.  Finally I signed up for the QSCA and was learning the same things from a different logic.
I sold my interest in the farm to the company in  Sept , 2012 as I did not have the luxury to wait for the profits.
This phase is in the making and will be the longest. In this phase my perspective is changing about life and there will be a new me. Let us sail into the unknown with eyes open with the leading edge of our thought and see that basis of life is freedom and purpose is joy.
Come and join me on the eternal quest to co-discover the truths together.
Purpose of Life is Joy and being in service to humanity. Any other purpose is a diversion from this goal 
I plan to be with you till 2061

Captain’s Log