The Quiet Mind

Defining meditation in a few words can always be described as an uphill task. Still, the most realistic definition that can be given is that meditation is a state of mind and it will take you to a state where only consciousness and awareness will remain.

When you remove all thoughts and imagination from your consciousness, consciousness alone will remain and this pure state of consciousness can be described as meditation.

It is not an easy task and you need to be extremely committed and disciplined to achieve the desired results. Meditation encompasses different practices and all these various practices adopt different methods of approach. The basic principles will always remain the same and all good practices will always aim at achieving a state of rumination through consideration and quiet thought.

Different Types Of Meditation

You will come across a wide variety of different types of practices these days and they include Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, prayer, transcendental meditation, Taoist meditation and mindfulness meditation.

Some methods will advise you to keep your body still or move with controlled deliberation and in the case of some other methods; you can have a free movement of the body.

You can select the most suitable method that you are comfortable with and the bottom line is that you should follow all the instructions with absolute commitment and dedication. In such a situation, managing your mental as well physical problems will become a hassle free process and it will result in improved productivity as well.

Where Does Meditation Stem From?

Providing a definitive answer to this question is also a difficult task.

Meditation originated from the unrelenting thirst of man to answer the questions about his existence. Its origin can be traced long before mankind became civilized and Indian ‘Vedas’ clearly suggest that meditation was established as a spiritual practice during those times.

By 500 years BC, meditative traditions came into existence in China and it paved the way for the development of Zen tradition. With the evolution of time, both Hindu and Buddhist meditative traditions started spreading to all parts of the world and it can be said without an iota of doubt that meditation is hugely popular in all parts of the world in these days.

Meditation techniques have undergone tremendous transformation during all these years and in these days; they have been designed to improve the mental as well as physical health of the people in the best possible manner.

When you have a physical ailment to be addressed, you will take medicine or seek other types of medical help. What will you do when you have a mental problem like stress or anxiety to confront with?

You cannot cure your mental problems with medicine alone and that is exactly where the importance of a comprehensive and scientific method of approach comes in.

If you seek peace of mind, calmness, joy, greater energy and fulfillment in life, tablets or pills will not provide you all these benefits. Meditation is the best option available to enjoy all these benefits and it can be described as a medicine for the mind.

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Happy Meditating

Sarab Sandhu

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